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The specific requirements for water filling test of sanitary ball valve are as follows:

1. The indoor sanitary ball valve drainage pipe should be filled with water according to the standard of one floor height, but the irrigation height should not exceed 8m, and the joint is not seepage and leakage. The multi-storey building should be carried out in layers. For the building, the inspection opening on the drain pipe which is lower than the actual test can be opened, and the test can be carried out with the ball bladder inflated as a plug. For concealed or buried drainage pipes, the water filling test shall be conducted before concealment, and the water filling height shall not be lower than the ground floor; the irrigation height of rainwater pipeline shall reach the rainwater funnel at the top of each vertical pipe; after 15 minutes of water filling, it shall be filled again for 5 minutes, and the water level shall not drop.

2. The tightness of outdoor sanitary ball valve drainage pipeline should be pre checked after filling water for 241h. If there is no water leakage in the pipeline system, it is considered that the pre inspection is qualified; for the non-metallic sewage pipeline, the water seepage test should also be conducted. If there is no specific design requirements, the following requirements should be met before the final test is qualified.

① In wet soil, check the amount of water that the groundwater seeps into the pipe according to the water level line of groundwater. If the groundwater level exceeds the pipe top by 2 ~ 4m, the water quantity into the pipe shall not exceed the provisions in table 6-3; if the groundwater level exceeds 4m above the pipe top, the water seepage amount is allowed to increase by 1 m for each additional head.

② In dry soil, check the water seepage of the pipeline, and the irrigation height shall be 4m higher than the pipe top in the upstream inspection well, and the water seepage amount shall not be greater than the provisions in table 6-3.

③ In moist soil, when the groundwater level is not higher than 2m above the pipe top, seepage water test can be conducted according to the provisions of item ②.

④ The test time of water seepage should not be less than 30 min.

⑤ No leakage is allowed in the pipeline discharging corrosive sewage.

⑥ In addition to collapsible loess and water source areas, the seepage water test can not be conducted for the pipelines with similar properties.