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The tools for disassembly and assembly of sanitary ball valve include the following common tools, in addition to the universal screwdriver, spanner and hammer.

1. Fixed wrench: it can only pull a nut or bolt of one specification. Compared with the adjustable wrench, the wrench is not easy to damage the nut and bolt. It is divided into open-end wrench, integral wrench and ring wrench.

2. Sanitary ball valve socket wrench: it is composed of ring spanners of different sizes. For difficult positions.

3. Locking wrench: it is a locking wrench, which is divided into fixed hook wrench, flexible hook head wrench and U-type locking wrench. It is used on the planting aid nut.

4. Special wrench for sanitary ball valve: Pan wheel wrench and throwing moment drummer, etc. There is no need to change the angle of ratchet wrench. Torque wrench is also called force measuring wave. When the force is pulled, the elastic rod will deform, and the greater the force, the greater the deformation. The deformation of elastic sweat causes the dial to move, and the amount of pointer refers to the measured torque * this wrench can avoid excessive force and damage parts. It is commonly used to measure the preload of gasket on electric ball valve.

5. Sanitary grade ball valve hand wheel wrench: it is welded with pipes and round steel below 1 ', and it is commonly used to switch the hand wheel.

Essential difference between sanitary ball valve and sanitary butterfly valve

The main features of sanitary ball valve are: low flow resistance; complete sealing of stainless steel flange ball valve can be realized under high pressure and high temperature; sanitary ball valve can be opened and closed quickly; the valve body of sanitary ball valve is symmetrical, which can bear pipeline pressure, and can cope with various high-pressure vacuum conditions, so it can be widely used

The opening and closing parts of sanitary butterfly valve are disc type left and right open, and the main features are as follows:

1. It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and convenient installation

2. Small flow resistance coefficient, quick opening and closing

3. It can be used for large diameter valve

4. It can be applied to different sealing surfaces and various environments, including powder and granular media. Relatively speaking, the sealing performance of sanitary ball valve is better.