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The difference between sanitary butterfly valve and ordinary butterfly valve is that its sanitary grade is relatively high, that is, the material and process used are different. Therefore, sanitary butterfly valve is a kind of precise instrument and equipment. It is not allowed to collide and fall during transportation and installation, so as to avoid damage.

Pay attention to the following points during installation:

1. Sanitary butterfly valve should be installed vertically on the pipeline. The support frame should be added when the valve has large dead weight and vibration.

2. The valve body of sanitary butterfly valve should avoid excessive stress due to serious different shafts of front and rear piping or harmonic flange.

3. The piping system should be flushed before the initial construction and after shutdown for maintenance, and then the control valve should be installed. Or install a transition filter in front of the valve.

4. Sanitary butterfly valve must be installed according to the flow direction arrow on the valve body; no serious corrosive gas environment.